CORSETS For an instant reduction

Corsets are a timeless luxury to own. With excellent foundational support, a corset is the finest garment you can select to highlight and accentuate the feminine, curvaceous figure. Everyone benefits from a quality corset as they hide undesirable flaws and enhance shape. A good corset pulls in the waist, instantly flattening the stomach, minimising the size, all whilst enhancing the bust to give that age-old hourglass. It also provides back support, creating excellent posture and an elongated lift. The long forgotten advantage of wearing a corset is the instant transformation of the shape, without the adherence of strict diet or training regime. The wearer’s body is immediately transformed for that special occasion. The inner confidence will last longer

CORSET CARE Information

Before wear

Spray fabric protector on your corset so that stains can be easily removed. Wear a thin camisole or top underneath the corset to prevent perspiration stains and odours. This also prevents the corset rubbing on your skin.

Putting on the corset

Ensure the back lacing is completely loose. Fasten the middle busk before the other busks.

Removing the corset

Always unlace and loosen the corset before undoing the busk. After wear Wipe the inside of the corset with a damp cloth. Let the corset air and store it flat. in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Apply leather conditioner to leather corsets. Apply patent polish to patent leather corsets. Rub PVC corsets with a damp cloth. Do not wash any type of corset. If this is required, hand dry-clean only. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn stains. If trying the corset, do not hang over a metal hanger as this may cause rust.


The beauty and benefit of wearing a corset

The corset is one of the finest, elegant and extravagant pieces of clothing anyone can own. Wearing a corset is beneficial not only to the wearer’s appearance but to their health and wellbeing. The most obvious advantage of wearing a corset is the instant change of the shape of the wearer’s body: it can take on sinfully dramatic curves and even angles &; or simply become smooth and svelte at the pull of a string The corset pulls in the waist and flattens the stomach, creating a striking, elegant figure as it minimizes the waist. It simultaneously places pressure on the ribcage, enhancing the bust. For larger figures, the corset can provide that extra support needed for stomach and bust. Combined with a healthy eating and exercise program, wearing a corset can assist in weight reduction. Because the corset flattens the stomach, it becomes harder for the wearer to consume large quantities of food. By simply wearing the corset - providing there is no dramatic rise in calorie intake - the wearer can lose up to two inches off their waist in six weeks. A comfortable waist reduction of four to five inches is achievable by most people. It also provides constant back support, ideal for situations when the wearer is seated for long periods.

Types of corsets

There are numerous styles of corsets to suit any individual. The primary different types of corsets are the underbust style, the half-bust style and the overbust style. These terms are self-explanatory: the underbust corset sits below the breasts, the half-bust reaches the nipples and the overbust corset completely covers the breasts. Hourglass, Wasp waist (or ‘waspie’) and S-Curve are some different shapes the corset can give the torso. Underbust corsets tend to be smaller and are effective at creating a dramatic hourglass shape. However, like any corset they can be elongated to provide support and restraint for the hip and buttocks region. The ‘waspie’ corset is a classic underbust model with severe curves, making it ideal for waist training. The ‘ribbon’ style corset is a thin, waist-cinching underbust that gives a gentle ‘U’ shaped waist. The half-bust gives great emphasis to the breasts & it’s usually worn with an undergarment, but can be worn by itself for a raunchy and daring look. Overbust corsets can look particularly elegant with a ‘sweetheart’ neckline. This is the most common style for bridal-wear and covers the majority of the torso. There are also many designs of corsets inspired by era: Edwardian and Victorian style corsets are very popular.

A brief history of the corset

Women first started wearing corsets in the 16th Century. It wasn’t until 1840 that they became a mainstream fashion item. 20 years later the item became in vogue, thanks mainly to the French. The corset was considered ‘essential’ in the 19th and 20th Century. One women’s fashion magazine in 1888 declared the threat of women’s’ waists growing “larger and larger every year until it measures nearly or quite so much as the bust”. That is, without the necessary restriction of the corset. While whalebone was a popular material used to bone the corset, today they mainly use light, flexible and animal-friendly spiral steel. The notion of the corset extends back long before it became a fashion item. Drawings scratched onto bone over 20,000 years ago found at Brandon, Norfolk, show women wearing bodices made of animal hide that was tied around the body while still raw & therefore stiffening and restricting the waist.

Wearing your corset

It is essential to ‘break in’ a new corset. This involves wearing the new corset for a few hours for the first few sessions at a loose size. Start off by wearing the corset very loose and for an hour only. Gradually wear the corset tighter and for longer periods. Once the corset has moulded to the wearer’s shape, it can be worn as tight and as long as the wearer pleases & without risking damage to the corset or yourself. It is perfectly suitable to wear corsets for days at a time; provided the wearer adjusts the corset throughout the day, especially when having a meal.

Bridalwear corsetry service

Marquis de Sade creates corsets as individual as its wearer. We tailor the corset to fit every inch of the body perfectly. Our creations are made with years of experience and draw inspiration from corsets of all different eras and cultures. Make an appointment with us for a private design consultation and fitting; see what a tailored corset can do for you. We recommend that your corset reduce your waist by approximately four to five inches. While providing a striking silhouette, the corset remains extremely comfortable. Remember, you’re in charge of your corset. Fabric, leather; satin; underbust or overbust, tight-laced or subtle & we can create the corset of your dreams.